The design of the balcony

Every family opportunity has a balcony that is wide and narrow, large and small. The balcony is used as a corner of the home decoration. How to make it a beautiful space? Look at the kinds of balcony design schemes that brings to everyone, let your small balcony also have a gorgeous big change!

Creating a cozy outdoor space may be a very pleasant task. We have collected some ideas for you to help you with your balcony design as we know that many people love to spend time outdoors.

There are little tricks that are always useful and will ease the arrangement of your balcony as it is important that you use the space in the best possible way.

What do you actually need on small outdoor area, so that you always feel comfortable there? The answer always will be – fresh air and greenery! And some seating place, of course. A successful balcony design combines several elements and your personal taste.

Before you start with the design, it is advisable to have a look at some balcony ideas so that you have a fair idea how you want it to look like.

If you have a large, spacy balcony the possibilities are endless. A comfortable sofa, outdoor lounge furniture, a dining furniture set – you can have all or some of these.

A small balcony design is a bit more challenging but it is not impossible to create a lovely space which will please your eyes.

The furniture will be smaller, and yet, with the right choice of colors, plants and flowers, your small space will be just as good looking as a big one.

There are a few basic elements of balcony design. The first one is choosing the style. How do you imagine the space? In a shabby chic style?

You can opt for one or two basic colors and add bright accents with decorative pillows and textiles. Or keep the colors to minimum and enjoy the freshness of the plants and flowers.

Finally, plant your favorite plants and blooming flowers. Make sure that the climate conditions of your region are suitable for the plants you have chosen.

Choosing the right furniture could be difficult and that is a key moment in every balcony design. The furniture has to be comfortable without cluttering the space.

In fact, this balcony celebrates plants from floor to ceiling. Speaking of the floor, below we see tiers of plants, from greenery displayed in a plant stand, to a violet selection on a folding table, to a cactus that rests on the ground. Tiers of plants create the illusion of being in a decadent garden. Then again, why shouldn’t your balcony be its own decadent garden?!